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wuthorThe human being is a beautiful thing. The potential we hold, so often unfulfilled, is something we must never forget. Yet we do, often.

And within us, there is a vast vagueness, a presence we cannot easily point out. We are fleeting, elusive in our own grasp. What are we, really?

In this web log, I try to show what a human being is or can be, through exploration of myself. I try to portray the deepest sides of humanity (I do have other sides as well) and how meaningful and tangible they can be.

Through that, what you see is the story of a human being trying to do so. Even if my perspectives don’t match your fancy, I hope you’ll find amusement in the evolution of a human psyche and beliefs, and learn more about humanity in that way. I was 18 when I started writing these entries.

I yearn to be a writer of true fiction. Stories aren’t much without a message to tell, and this here is also the evolution of those messages. I hope to be able to tell them in more comprehensible ways when that time comes.

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